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Data Science Institute
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Our mission

The Data Science Institute’s mission is to provide outstanding education and certification for data science professionals around the world and help them apply their skills and knowledge to successfully contribute to data literacy, innovation and digital transformation within organisations and society as a whole.

Academic Programmes

Our academic qualifications and professional credentials have been developed to reflect that data science professionals not only require technical expertise, but are also trained to think scientifically and creatively apply their knowledge to solving real world problems.

Our academic courses are fully accredited under the European Qualifications Framework and provide internationally transferable credits. We currently offer a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Data Science that are open to graduates and from computing, science, business and other numerate disciplines.

Our programmes develop the mathematical, statistical, programming and data visualisation skills required for data science, as well as provide the opportunity to apply these to real world problem solving through project based assessment.

Our Students

Our students and credential holders come from a wide range of backgrounds from across the private, public and academic sectors. They include senior and middle managers and experienced data scientists and data analysts, as well as those looking to enter straight in to the field after higher education or those transitioning from other careers.

In addition, their academic backgrounds range from computer science, business and management, pure sciences, maths and statistics, engineering, with degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels up to PhD level.

Data Science Institute is a full member of Woolf, a Higher Education Institution in Europe
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